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kids from the Hollywood Park swim team homeschool group


Fundamentals Group is designed to introduce children to competitive swimming as they explore the many ways to move through the water. Athletes will learn streamline and proper breath placement for the four competitive strokes and underwater travel skills.

Monthly Fees: $105

Practice Hours:

1:15 pm - 1:45 pm

Monday - Thursday


Swimmers are grouped based upon skill proficiency, training ability, and age. All
children grow and develop at different rates. Therefore the rate of progress in
terms of skill mastery will be different for each child.
We encourage swimmers to attend practice as often as they can, but we also understand that children are often involved in multiple activities and we
encourage this. However, the more your child is at practice, the better they will
master swimming skills. We encourage parents to be active within the program and to ask questions when they have concerns about their child’s growth and
development in the sport.

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