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Are there any other fees beside the monthly fees?

Yes. Texas Gold Swimming Hollywood Park has Yearly Fees Per Swimmer:

1) AAU Membership is $18 /yr and it covers the cost of insurance for swimmers.
** AAU membership is mandatory for all swimmers. Swimmers will not be allowed to practice without being AAU registered. **

2) The Annual Registration Fee $150 /yr. Included are two team t-shirts, team swim cap, Team Unify fees, administrative costs, as well as swim meet Coaching expenses.


What happens if my swimmer wants to compete?

***Swimmers interested in competing will need to register with USA Swimming. Registration with USA Swimming is $88 annually and paid directly to USA Swimming. For those wanting to compete in swim meets this season please email Coach Tami at ***

Swimming Pool

How often are the payments?

A monthly invoice covers the costs of monthly lessons given at the Hollywood Park pool. Invoices are due by the 1st of each month. Invoices may be paid by direct debit or credit card. Automatic monthly payments may also be set up.

What equipment is needed?

Please bring the following equipment to every practice:

  • Swim Suit: a one piece swim suit.
    We will have kick-boards and pull buoys for use on deck, they do not need to be purchased unless a swimmer prefers to use their own.

  • Swim Cap.

  • Mesh swim bag: in addition to helping keep the deck free from things for coaches to trip over, keeping equipment in a mesh bag helps keep swimmers’ equipment from getting mixed up with a teammates’ equipment.

  • Water bottle: reusable with swimmer's name boldly written.


At the beginning of the season Coaches will tell families exactly what to purchase for fins, goggles and any other equipment.


Please wait to purchase these items to avoid getting the wrong equipment.

Competition equipment:

Competition suit, extra pair of goggles, extra swim cap, Sharpie for writing event heat lane assignment, snacks.


*More detailed information on good race day snacks to come, water, parka or extra towels to stay warm and dry between races, books or cards to pass time (not electronic games).

Girls swimming breastroke with goggles and swimming cap

What happens in case of inclement weather? 

We ask all families to always use their best judgement regarding attending practice during inclement weather.
Rain: Practices will be held if it is raining, however, practice will be stopped if there is any thunder/lighting.
Cold: If the outside temperature is below 38 degrees, we will not get in the water. If the outside temperature is 38 degrees and above, we will have practice.
* We will have some type of Dry-land practice if the pool cannot be used due to poor weather or low pool temps.

What suggestions you have to keep swimmers warm? 

BRING EXTRAS OF EVERYTHING - Make sure to bring an extra towel and lots of extra layers. While they may take up room in your swim bag, you’ll want to bundle up right after you get out of the water, especially if you don’t want to spend a lot of time standing outside in the cold while you dry yourself off. Also, don’t forget to bring a hat to keep your hair from freezing after practice!

WEAR TWO SWIM CAPS - If it isn’t uncomfortable for you, wear two caps. As the only exposed part of your body in presumably a heated pool, wearing two caps will help keep in your body heat and prevent you from getting too cold during practice. You can also wear your cap or winter hat right up until you get in the water to ensure that your body temperature stays regulated as you take off your other layers.


BRING WATER FRIENDLY CLOTHING - Wearing a parka, a pair of towel pants, or a robe, is a good way to keep you warm after practice without having to deal with the hassle of wet clothes. Bring one of these items with you to throw on at the end of practice. Parkas can be purchased at most swim stores. 

Swimmer ready to compete and wearing goggles and swimming cap

What happens if my swimmer needs to take time off?

During the season swimmers wanting to take time away from the team may do so. Please send an email to as soon as you know you will be taking time off (Minimum of 5 business days prior). Swimmers will be charged a $30.00 fee to retain their spot on the team. Since the team usually has a waiting list it would be unfair to hold a spot for a swimmer that is not attending practices.

What happens if my swimmer is feeling sick?

In an effort to maintain the safest possible environment for all of our swimmers, we will continue to follow the guidelines of the CDC which states that if you are demonstrating symptoms or you have been diagnosed with COVID 19, please do not come practice. This limits potential
transmission of the virus and allows for the safest environment for our team and their families. If there are ever any questions about attendance following exposure please contact one of us and we will be happy to provide feedback regarding policies and procedures for your returning swimmer. Let's continue to be vigilant and let's continue to be considerate of one another.

How often do swimmers compete?

Swim Meets are encouraged but optional. TGSHP will NOT be attending every meet that becomes available. As a team our goal is to compete in a minimum ONE swim meet a month beginning in October. The meet will be chosen by the coaches and will be chosen for the most eligibility for the majority of our swimmers. Competition meets are optional. Meet fees are the responsibility of each swimmer and will be charged directly to the credit card on file with Team Unify.

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