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Swimmer at Hollywood Park pool wearing a medal she won at a south texas swim championship

Monthly Fees: $110

Practice Hours:

4:00 pm - 4:45 pm 

Monday - Thursday

Grades 2-5


The Bronze group at our swim club offers daily practices for children in 2nd to 5th grade. Our experienced coaches will teach your children the fundamentals of swimming, including the four major strokes, starts and turns, and racing techniques. We also focus on developing proper technique and building endurance. The practices are designed to be enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding for all participants. Our Bronze group practices are open to swimmers of diverse skill levels, and we provide a safe and supportive environment for all to learn and grow.

Requirements: Participants must be able to continuously swim the length of the pool (25 meters) in a time less than 1 minute.


Swimmers are grouped based upon skill proficiency, training ability, and age. All
children grow and develop at different rates. Therefore the rate of progress in
terms of skill mastery will be different for each child.
We encourage swimmers to attend practice as often as they can, but we also understand that children are often involved in multiple activities and we
encourage this. However, the more your child is at practice, the better they will
master swimming skills. We encourage parents to be active within the program and to ask questions when they have concerns about their child’s growth and
development in the sport.

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